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Special Recipes for children at this age

Seera / Khasawa
Wheat flour  4 tbsp
Jaggery   A small piece
or Sugar   1 tsp

Roast Wheat flour tills its colour changes
b. Let it cool
c. Add water and sugar or jaggery
d. Make a thick paste and cook for few minutes
Suji / Rawa Seera
Suji   4 tbsp
Milk   1 cup milk
Sugar   1 tbsp

Roast suji till its colour changes
b. Let it cool
c. Warm milk and add sugar in it and stir
d. Pour milk into the suji and mix constantly
e. Make a thick paste and cook for few minutes

Rice   2 tbsp
Milk   1 cup
Saffron   1-2 threads
Sugar   1-2 tsp
Ghee   1 tsp


Roast rice with ghee
b. Grind it in the mixer after its cool
c. Boil the milk till its a bit thick
d. Add 2 saffron thread in milk and add sugar
e. Put the rice in the milk and let it cook
f. The kheer is ready once the rice is done

Mushed Potato with Cheese

One boiled potato
One slice cheese
Four tbsp milk
One tsp butter
Half carrot (optional)
Two tbsp peas (optional)
a. Take butter in pan
b. Cut the boiled potato in small chunks
c. Add milk
d. Add cheese
e. Add boiled carrots or peas
f. Mash the mixture
g. Serve hot

Dalia/Broken Wheat   2 tbsp
Moong Dal   2 tbsp
Sugar/Jaggery   1 tsp


Roast wheat flour
b. Roast Moong Dal
c. Mix the two, add sufficient water and cook till soft
d. Dissolve the jaggery in water strain

Rice   1 tbsp
Wheat   1 tbsp
Nachni/Ragi   1 tbsp
Moong Dal   1 tbsp
Ghee   1 tsp


Roast rice, dal, nachni, wheat
b. Grind the nutritious mix in the mixer
c. Pour 1 tsp of ghee in the pan
d. Saute the mixture
e. Add milk and sugar to it and let it cook for few minutes

a. Most babies double their birth weight in the first 5 - 6 months, then the growth rate slows a little .

b. Continue to breast feed or use iron fortified formulas for the first year.
c. Feeding should be on a routine meal time schedule which hopefully coincides with the family's meal time.
d. Continue introducing new solid foods like moong dal khicdi and add vegetables gradually. While feeding with spoon, place the food at the back of the tongue. A gap of a week or 10 days should be given before a second semi-solid diet in the form of over riped bananas or stewed apples is introduced.
e. A multi-vitamin and an iron preparation can be added now, as per the doctors suggestion. By the time the child is nine months of age, a third semi-solid diet that is wheat based in the form of rava or suji can be introduced.
f. Train an infant to drink water in a glass or a cup.
g. Give biscuits or pieces of roti or chapati or bread for the child to chew. Avoid giving food that causes choking like peanuts, popcorn, whole beans, carrot sticks etc. Always supervise the baby while eating.
h. If there is a strong history of food allergy, limit or avoid highly allergic foods like eggs, strawberries, chocolates and seafood until the baby is a little older.
i. At this age babies are getting ready to teethe so they may gnaw of anything and everything.

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